Booking and Enrolling Camps and Seminars for 2015

Happy Winter Solstice! On the darkest day of the year, we want to bring some light.

We are currently booking camps and seminars for 2015. They are exceptional learning experiences and a whole lot of fun to boot.

We just created a new home for our camps and seminars:

Head on over there and check the place out. On the front page there is a contact button for Camp Host Info.

Dates Available

June is booked pretty solid as of right now with a west coast swing from Georgia to San Diego (date TBD) and Washington June 18-21. We’ll be traveling all the way across the country in late June or early July and that would be a great time to book an event anywhere in the US… hint hint

Spring and fall are wide open as of this moment but we are currently in discussions with several groups for events in that timeframe, and the Art of K9Disc is coming out which might make Pawsitive Vybe camps and seminars a hot commodity. Better get in while the getting is good.

[prompt type=”left” button_icon=”map-marker” target=”blank” title=”Host a Pawsitive Vybe Camp or Seminar in 2015″ message=”We’re ready to roll across the US again. We’re down in the SE in late May, out on the West Coast in June, and have some other things cooking but not firm. Let us schedule around your needs.” button_text=”Let’s Do It!” href=”” target=”blank” style=”margin-bottom:0px;”]