DiscDog Wushu #1 – Butterfly Backvault to Handplant

Here’s a shot of a new sequence we’re working on.
The entire sequence is Scoot to Flip to 2 Disc Butterfly Back Vault to Handplant out throw.

The Session

Sometimes when working a new sequence, handler movement or throwing skill, I film myself walking through the moves on camera so I can remember how they go together.

This particular Session started with an Overhand Wrist Flip release I was working for vaults, Flips and Overs. I got some real cool action out of the disc and wanted to film it so I could have it on file. I’ve learned over the years that super cool moves are often forgotten if they’re not put on file. I’ve also learned that writing it down is a poor alternative to video – “WTF does ‘Spinny-Left-Drop’ mean?”

Plan B

The flip tosses that I was working went well, and when I went to assemble them into a sequence – Flip to Two Disc Butterfly Back Vault to Out Throw – it didn’t quite feel right. I got a bit caught up in the flip toss, and the sequence started to suffer as a result. So I decided to make an easy toss – just a backhand toss.

“Wow! That feels like Yachi!” Yachi Hirai is one of my favorite and most stylish players out there, so obviously we had to add the Handplant toss.

I’ve been working Si quite a bit on a short arcing start of our Around the World. It is made of HUGE air and a floating disc. This Handplant toss, could be absolute money for that application. If I keep a disc in the hand that I plant with, a left handed Airbounce is super easy after the handstand. Not a bad start to an around the world…


  1. Jeff Socha

    Hey Ron
    Pretty cool moves. I’d like to see Si in it. just to get the flow of it. Thought I saw something like it in one of your comps, AWI 2009. Nice toss through the legs!
    ps Keep them comeing!!

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Thanks Jeff,
      I want to see Si in it too. We still have a few inches of snow on the ground up here (COME ON SUNSHINE!!!).


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