PVybe Life Season 2 – Post Project Wrap Up

For the last 47 days we have been running a project on Indiegogo to crowdfund Season 2 of the PVybe Life. It was a great experience. All told we brought in right around $3000 in gear and cash from the project, not the $5466 we were looking for, but we got lots of support from a bunch of cool people, we got a gopro action camera and we are going to use the funds to get a new main camera and new wireless mic system for the show, and that’s pretty awesome!

Over the next few weeks we will be making good on our fulfillment of all of our perks – check your mail – and we will be doing some shopping. We’re looking at starting the show in late April or early May. So exciting.

Big thanks to all of you got behind the project and put your money where your passion is. We’re going to do our best to put out an awesome show. We’ll be in touch soon…