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Hudson Valley Metal Sculptor Apryl Lea

Artists Statement

I am a sculptor who works in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Sheets of steel and copper are my canvas, and my brush is a plasma cutter. Images are sketched directly on the metal freehand, then released in a flash of electricity and compressed air.

I use traditional fabricating and metalsmithing techniques to create my art, depending on the type of metal being used. Fabricating – cutting, welding and grinding – is done on ferrous metals like steel while traditional metalsmithing is used to manipulate non-ferrous metals like copper. I use different types of hammers to forge or raise an image in relief. This is called chaise and repousse’ and is a traditional technique used by metalsmiths.

My art is inspired by my surroundings, experiences and the creative process and creating whimsical metalwork’s for the home and garden is my meditation. I find great challenge and joy in creating a feminine object out of such a masculine material. My creative process is a way for me to complete my circle and is a part of my spiritual journey.

Apryl Lea

Apryl Lea is a classically trained Metal Sculptor with a
BFA in Metal Sculpture from Grand Valley State University.

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