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Founded in 2005 by dog sport professionals, Apryl Lea and Ron Watson, Pawsitive Vybe is a dog training studio with a unique philosophy of Obedience through Interaction and Learning through Play.

Specializing in Dog Sports and Assistance Dogs, Ron Watson and Apryl Lea are top shelf trainers, handlers, speakers and performers.

Ron & Apryl live and work with a dozen high drive working dogs on the ground floor of the Pajama Factory in Midtown Kingston, NY. They run classes in real life in the city of Kingston and on the internet here at

bounce-pup-590 Pawsitive Vybe specializes in dog sports and assistance dog training. Leveraging cutting edge positive training and


If it’s cool and can be done with dogs, odds are we can do it or help you do it. Our Disc Dog Shows feature some of the best teams on the planet and are available for community, corporate and major sporting events. Our professional handlers and many unique dogs are also available for film and print work.


Classically trained artists creating unique and special canine art round out the Pawsitive Vybe experience.

With Satellite Studios all over the country, Pawsitive Vybe offers cutting edge positive dog training with the goal of creating a self disciplined dog and a successful handler. We have an extensive web presence that spreads the Pawsitive Vybe via a distance learning program, training communities and through video edutainment. Satellite Studios are led by head trainers handpicked by Pawsitive Vybe HQ who have been trained and licensed to deliver world class instruction on specific dog training topics.

More than dog training, it’s a lifestyle.

The People of Pawsitive Vybe

  • Ron Watson

    Co-Founder Trainer/Author

    Positive Dog Trainer in the Hudson Valley Co-Founder of Pawsitive Vybe, Ron Watson is the brain behind Pawsitive Vybe. Helping to shape, map out, and figure out how to deliver the Pawsitive Vybe Philosophy is his job, and he loves every bit of it. Every new canine encounter is a new learning opportunity.
    A longtime disc dog competitor, judge, and instructor, his growth as a trainer has been a journey. Ron has learned a great deal from his dogs through the years and that is what led to the Pawsitive Vybe training philosophy.  Ron just released Pawsitive Vybe’s first book, the Art of K9Disc.
  • Apryl Lea

    Co-Founder Trainer/Artist

    Positive Dog Trainer in Kingston NY Co-Founder of Pawsitive Vybe, Service Dog Trainer, Dog Sport competitor and Artist, Apryl Lea, is the soul of Pawsitive Vybe. She has an amazing affinity with dogs and is an intuitive and efficient trainer. Apryl heads Animal Farm Foundation’s Assistance Dog Program.
    Art is also a passion of Apryl’s. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sculpture and was a traveling artist for 17 years. Since life has gone to the dogs, art has become moonlighting. Pawsitive Vybe allows Apryl to apply herself to her passions – Dog Training, Performance and Art.
  • Abby Cline

    Fargo Studio Trainer/Artist

    Artist and Dog Trainer in Fargo, ND Abby Cline, the Original Intern, is a natural dog trainer. She came to Pawsitive Vybe in 2008 for a B&B stay and her energy and passion really connected with Apryl & Ron. She arranged to bring her Pack to Michigan for several months to intern at PVybe HQ and has been rocking the disc dog world ever since.
    Abby is also a classically trained artist with a BA in Sculpture. When she’s not on the road doing disc dog shows, Abby runs classes in Fargo, ND.
  • Georgios Katsouras

    PVybe Greece Trainer/Photographer

    Positive Disc Dog Trainer in GreeceGeorgios is the newest member of the PVybe pack. He has a Masters Degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography and has worked as a photographer in Afghanistan and London. He will enthusiastically accept any new challenge in life making the 5.000 miles trip from Greece to PVybe HQ in New York for his internship with his buddy “The Lupo”. He has a natural knack for problem solving in dog training and is running PVybe Greece in Thessaloniki teaching dogs to fly high and be cool!

Dog Training & Lifestyle Webseries

Join Ron Watson & Apryl Lea and their crazy pack of rescue dogs for a half hour of dog training edutainment focused on the foundational concepts of Dog Training.

Ron Watson & Apryl Lea

Ron Watson & Apryl Lea of Pawsitive Vybe.

55 Greenkill Ave Kingston, NY 12401 845.554.DOGS (3647)

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Creating the Self Disciplined Dog

Dog Obedience Training in Kingston NY For bad behavior we ignore, re-direct, or remove the reward from the behavior. A behavior that is rewarded gets stronger, and a behavior that is never rewarded goes extinct. All rewards flow through the handler. With these few simple concepts in mind, we create situations to help our dogs make good decisions. We believe that helping our dogs make good decisions provides a better education than making their decisions for them. Our classes take place in the real world: in the park, on streets of Midtown, Uptown and down on the Rondout. You will learn how to handle your dogs in real world situations. If you want to have a fun and rewarding relationship with your dog and the proven skills to teach dogs to do just about anything you can imagine, you’re in the right place.

The Path

Free Consult if you come to us

Our initial consult is free if you come to us. We offer a free consult because it is important for us to get a good evaluation of you and your dog and for you to evaluate us as trainers. Free consults are about 1 hour long. All you’ll need to do bring is your dog, a leash and some yummy cookies. Get Started now!

Personal Lesson Plan

Personal Lesson Plans come in six packs. Six 1 hour lessons: you come to us, we come to you, we work in public, whatever is necessary for your dog.

Interaction I

The journey starts with Interaction I in the city of Kingston: Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown. Teams will be exposed to real life situations in a high foot traffic and community environment. Learn to handle your dog on leash in public.

Disc Dog Class

Pawsitive Vybe is known throughout the world for our disc dog instruction. If your dog likes toys you most likely have a disc dog in there. Class takes place in midtown Kingston and at Pawsitive Vybe HQ.

Real Life Situations for Pets

Pawsitive Vybe Canine Interaction classes are special. Canine Interaction takes place in real life situations. Bikes, people, children, dogs skateboarders, you name it, we train amongst it. You won’t leave a sterile Big Box Store and have a crazed animal by the time you hit the parking lot. Training in real life situations gives dog and handler the confidence and competence to handle all that life throws at us. We focus on a few key default behaviors: attention on the handler, lying down on a spot and loose leash walking, to name a few, and get them offered by our dogs in public. We create habits out of looking at the handler, lying down and walking calmly on leash. Having these habits established in Public is HUGE.

Cutting Edge Dog Sports Instruction

Pawsitive Vybe knows Dog Sports. Our specialty is Disc Dogging, but we’re also into Agility and Canine Freestyle and we dabble a bit in Dock Jumping. We have a ton of experience in dealing with High Drive dogs and are capable of teaching dogs patience in Drive. We also do a great job of working with Reactive Dogs and helping them dial back their reactivity and showing self discipline in the presence of distractions. Our Learning through Play foundation is tailor made for dog sports. Teams that have gone through Canine Interaction I & II have all the tools they need to be successful in a dog sport environment.

This is THE disc dog book. It’s the disc dog freestyler’s companion, and topping in at over 350 pages, we’re talking about a serious tome of knowledge. In develpoment for more than 10 years by Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe, the Art of K9Disc…

Disc Dog Bed and Breakfast

The Discdog ‘Bed & Breakfast’ is a live-in training experience with Ron Watson & Apryl Lea of Pawsitive Vybe. Apryl & Ron are known worldwide for their discdog instruction. For the past several years, Ron & Apryl have been running successful seminars in North America and Western & Eastern Europe. Pawsitive Vybe HQ is located in Midtown Kingston, NY at an old Pajama Factory. A 70×40 yard field is 200 yards away and our training studio is large enough to throw discs in. Apryl & Ron enjoy the experience of intensive training that the bed and breakfast allows.  Clients have been raving about the experience as well.

Start Planning Your B&B Stay Today!

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Individuals & Small Groups

The Discdog ‘Bed & Breakfast’ can accomodate up to 4 couples comfortably, but can handle more if people don’t mind living a bit more communally.


Training packages are general in nature and are intended as guidelines. They are tailored to the needs of the guests. They will be developed in pre-visit discussions, and may be altered as need be while you are here.

Discdog Foundation (15+hours)

The Discdog Foundation Package can be good for the newest of noobs and those needing to polish up the foundation of their games. $350

Focus (select 2):

  • Getting Started
  • Freestyle
  • Toss n Fetch
  • Drive Building

Advanced Jamming (15+hours)

Advanced Jamming is for those who already have a freestyle routine and some creative releases. $350

Focus (select 2):

  • Clean Up
  • Set Up Moves
  • Vaulting & Overs
  • Routine Development

Drive Management (15+hours)

Managing and training the high drive dog can be a rough job. Ron & Apryl can help you install Operant Drive. $350
  • Drive Building
  • Focus & Attention
  • Shaping in Drive
  • Patience & Self Discipline

+Training Concepts

A PVybe Training Concepts B&B stay will make you a better dog trainer. Practical applications and deep discussions. $350
  • Shaping
  • Marking Behaviors
  • Setting and Shifting Criteria

Create Your Own Experience

Give us your goals and we’ll give you the goods. $350

Come and Train with Us

More Info @

Disc Dog Camps & Seminars

Learn to play disc with your dog with world renowned Dog Sport Studio, Pawsitive Vybe. We have a deep understanding of positive dog training, throwing mechanics and the game of disc and are experts in dog behavior. Pawsitive Vybe delivers all the tools necessary for quality disc play. Catch the Pawsitive Vybe and learn more about the game of disc than you thought possible. Throwing, routine building, canine training, style development, safety and philosophy – This is the best Disc Dog learning experience out there, hands down.

Mini-Clinics Seminars and Personal Lessons Available.


Deep and Flexible Positive Training

Learn how to get the most out of your training. Understand and leverage the combined power of Classical and Operant Conditioning. Catch the Pawsitive Vybe! Pawsitive Vybe delivers a deep understanding of the principles of Positive Dog Training to all experience levels in a fresh and easy to understand manner. Get a fresh perspective on Positive Training theory and practical application.

Mini-Clinics Seminars and Personal Lessons Available.

Positive Training Clinics and Seminars are focused on 4 areas:

PVybe Dog Training Seminar Details

Communicating Concepts

Learn more about the Positive Marker than you ever thought possible. The Positive Marker can and does do more than simply mark a behavior. The Positive Marker is capable of delivering great understanding about the root concepts of behavior. Do you know the difference between what your dog did and what he knows? Does your dog?

Skinner vs Pavlov

Understanding the Principles of Classical (Pavlov) and Operant (Skinner) Conditioning is key to successful dog training. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff and can break extremely technical concepts down into perfectly plain English.

Opportunity and Variable Reinforcement

Dogs don’t earn the cookie, they earn the opportunity to get the cookie. A missed opportunity can be a more powerful motivator than a fat piece of steak. Learn how to use variable reinforcement to get your dog to work more for less.

Freight Training:

Freight Training is creating a game out of nothing but reinforcement. Every behavior becomes, in and of itself, reinforcing. This creates a freight train effect, where the game builds momentum and cannot be stopped.

Tugging is not tug of war!

Teach your toy motivated dog to retrieve, drop, bite and to have patience in drive. Dogs can think when they’re losing their minds. A great motivator and positional tool, Bitework/Tugging has been used by dog Sport enthusiasts for a long time. Pawsitive Vybe takes a deep understanding of Positive Training and a fresh and creative perspective on Bitework and turns them into something else entirely – Bitework for Behavior. Get a bite, drop and a retrieve in moments and get them under pressure and in Operant Drive. This is the learning experience for dog sport enthusiasts.

Mini-Clinics Seminars and Personal Lessons Available.

Bitework for Behavior Clinics and Seminars are focused on 4 areas:

Bitework 4 Behavior Seminar Details

In Search of Operant Drive

Operant and Drive Do mix! Shaping and capturing can work while your dog is engaged in drive. Teaching your dog to think when he’s lost his mind is what this learning experience is all about.

Jedi Mind Drop

In our brand of bitework, drop equals play. Your dog will learn to love to drop because dropping is the path to all things good in bitework. For those of you who are training geeks: Learn how to make the Drop a Conditioned Reinforcer.

  • Drop = Play
  • You love to drop.
  • Dropping as Conditioned Reinforcer

A conditioned reinforcer is a previously neutral stimulus. If the neutral stimulus is paired with a primary reinforcer it acquires the same reinforcement properties associated with the primary reinforcer.

Handler Focused Play

In the game of Tug of War, the focus of the game is on the target. In our flavor of bitework, the focus of the game is on the handler. Just as in good Positive Training, all reinforcement flows through the handler. Handler Focused Play is a key to attaining a state of Operant Drive.

Freight Training

Freight Training is creating a game out of nothing but reinforcement. Every behavior becomes a secondary reinforcer – in and of itself, reinforcing. This creates a freight train effect, where the game builds momentum and cannot be stopped.

Make Throwing Discs Easy

Learn to throw discs to dogs with Pawsitive Vybe. Creative releases, throwing drills, placement and timing, all covered in this truly unique learning experience. Pawsitive Vybe has traveled all across North America and Europe teaching people how to throw discs to their dogs. We have an easy and simple learning through play philosophy that makes chucking plastic a cinch.

Mini-Clinics and Personal Lessons Available.

A Throwing Mini-Clinic runs between 3-4 hours and is focused on 4 areas:

Creative Releases

Learn at least 4 different creative releases and get the technical keys to ensure success. Learning through play is our philosophy and the games we play are a riot.

Throwing Seminar Details


Fidgets are tricks that help to add flash to your game and give you confidence in handling a disc. Pawsitive Vybe developed the concept of fidgets in the game of disc and we’re able to teach them quickly and efficiently.

Placement and Timing

Your dog can’t jump if the disc isn’t in a good spot and a bad throw can make the best dog look painfully average. We has spent several years developing a framework for understanding disc placement and timing and we have the drills and knowledge to teach you what you need to know to make your dog look like a star.


Add some yardage to your tosses. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Check this out:



Want to learn how to throw like a pro? Personalized throwing instruction that takes into account your athletic history and is recognized across the planet as the gold standard of disc dog throwing instruction.

Personal Lessons

1 Hour – $75 1/2 Hour – $40

Learn Online with Pawsitive Vybe

Disc Dog Instruction by Pawsitive Vybe

Playing is learning here at PVybe. So whether you are dropping in for a B&B, attending a camp or distance learning, we will always encourage you to play and have fun with your dogs and let the learning happen.

If you’re not having fun, what are you doing?


For me, working with Ron & Apryl has been a life changing experience. Everytime I play with my dogs I hear their words above the din of “expert advice” out there and it continues to guide me months after having worked with them. I can’t wait to work with Pvybe again!
Brian Bruzek, MN Disc Dog Club

Within a few weeks of returning home from camp, the principles and training that had been put into place began to have a tremendous effect on both our game of disc as well as our human-canine bond. We have such an amazing time on the field, my disc handling skills are greater than they were even just a few short months ago, and Eko’s drive and intensity have dramatically increased.
Lindsay Thompson, Flydogz

Kat and I spoke often on our ride home about all of the things we had learned and set some goals for ourselves and our dogs. I went into the visit hoping to have some fun tossing the disc around and picking up some tips for my game. I left with a ton more. I really feel empowered to impact the performance of my dogs now. Kat and I are very excited about where to go next with our training. We had a blast.
Jack Fahle, One Drop Aussies

Team after team found their toss and catch, and freestyle proficiency heightened after a weekend training with Pawsitive Vybe. It’s been fun to see so many teams transformed!
Cathy Whitney, MN Disc Dog Club
We have known Ron & Apryl of Pawsitive Vybe for several years and we continue to make a yearly trip to attend their B&B weekend of disc training. They are able to combine their years of dog training experience and knowledge to provide you with a program that is tailored to you and your dog, whether it be in dogsports or basic pet behaviour.
Angela & Rick, R&R Pet Paradise

Pawsitive Vybe Dogs Do Cool Stuff!

Pawsitive Vybe is not about having an Obedient dog. It’s about having a Cool Dog. Dogs that go to the beach with us. Dogs that play disc. Dogs that do awesome tricks. Pawsitive Vybe dogs do cool stuff. Obedience is a byproduct of that cool stuff that we do with our dogs.

Canine Performance is Our Specialty

Our dogs play disc, professionally, at a world class level. Some of them are single name celebrities known all around the world. Their images have been used as logos, their disc dog performance videos have hundreds of thousands of views. Our dogs are entertainers and ambassadors and they love their job. Pawsitive Vybe Dogs do Film and Print Work. Our packs of Rescue Dogs are unique, spiffy paintjobs and all kinds of character. We’ve got big dogs, little dogs, pretty dogs and scrappy dogs. Pawsitive Vybe handlers are pretty cool too. They are media savvy, professional and friendly, and effortlessly push a positive message and image for dogs and dog training. We do Disc Dog Shows, Animal Wrangling, Dog Training and Dog Sport Demos and are always seeking performance opportunities.

Pawsitive Vybe Dogs Do Cool Stuff!


Want some Pawsitive Vybe Performance?

Contact Us

Animal Wrangling in Western Michigan Here’s Abby, Apryl & Ron’s dogs posing in the studio. This shot took about 5 minutes to set up. We have a variety of unique dogs in our pack.

Shelter Dogs Assisting Humans

Disc Dog Professionals

Canine & Whimsical Art