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Economics of Distraction

Rhythm has a tendency to explode into the environment when he’s asked to work – marking everything, sniffing everything, hustling up on people, etc – essentially working everything but his handler and Frisbees. The environment is extremely stimulating for this little guy…

Rec’d on YT | Morning Coffee at the Dojo: Casual Hangout & DiscDog Chat | DiscDog Dojo Livestream

🐾☕️ Welcome to our casual Morning Coffee hangout at the DiscDog Dojo! Join Ron Watson, co-host Epic, 🧁CupCake🧁, and da 👑King👑 as we relax and chat about all things disc dog while sipping our morning brew. 🥏🐶

DiscDogger Weekly #28 | The Sound of DiscDog

Episode #28 takes a bit of a detour… We’ve fallen into the Clubhouse rabbit hole. If you’re not on Clubhouse or are not aware of it, just sit tight, you’ll be familiar in no time. Clubhouse is an audio only social network – no text, no images – just voices. I started a series called “the Sound of DiscDog” and it’s only audio. This week’s episode features some video from those audio sessions. Hope you dig it… Check out this piece for the full story…

Patron’s Choice: Routine Building | Creativity in Routine Building

Sneak Peak Access for Patrons Only… Public Access Dec 8 |
Creativity in Routine Building often happens at the level of the Sequence, a series of tricks that become greater than the sum of their parts. Sequences are the blocks or modules you will be moving around to create your jam. To go beyond sequence level creativity you have to see the bigger picture, the picture that says your routine is just a big sequence.