What Is Your Signature Move?

Do You Have a Signature Trick?

sometimes simply thinking about something differently or asking a very simple question leads to a new understanding. do you have a signature trick? do you want one? which of your tricks are worthy?

4 keys to Signature Tricks:

  1. never been done before
  2. a fresh or novel spin
  3. super-canine move
  4. super-human move

The Game Changing Move

sometimes a signature move springs from a game changing trick. the Vault: at one point in time was the property of just a few players. game changing tricks can easily become signature moves.

Game changing tricks don’t always have to be eye popping or jaw dropping. They can be something simple like a Fish for instance: dog catches disc in the air and gives the disc back to the handler before hitting the ground. They can be a throw like a spinning airbounce, or the Vertical Joyride, a bicycle kick… A Dog Catch, a Stall, a dismount, a juggle…

Only the coolest of the cool tricks become signature moves.

Fresh Spins on Old Tricks or Repackaged Sequences

capturing the essence of a cool trick and giving it a few tweaks to make something new is a great way to wind up with a signature trick.

When you go and steal someone’s trick don’t go in with the idea to replicate it. That’s boring and uncreative, and besides, odds are you or your dog will do it a bit differently than someone else or their dog. Take the essence of it and put your own stamp on it. Add a step, subtract a step… add a spin or turn the other way. Lots of times these small changes you make can be the key to a signature trick or a new understanding.

Putting a shiny new image on an old trick or sequence is a great way to create Signature Moves. So many cool things have been done in the past. Perhaps things that you once worked on back in the day but didn’t have the skills to pull together, or an old school sequence you saw on YouTube – dig it out and rework it a bit.

When looking for inspiration for adding a comfy fresh spin on something look to your athletic history. Foundational drills and skills and styles of movement in your athletic history are totally fair game.

Super-Human Move

frequently Signature Moves come from some kind of super-human move that the handler can do. it’s like a super power in it’s rarity. these human based moves are often imitated but never quite replicated.

Super-human moves are entertaining as heck. If you are going to pursue one as your Signature Move please remember to keep your dog in mind. Super-human moves are only as cool as they make the dog look. So make sure you get good enough at your super-human move that you can use it to highlight your dog.

The Super-Canine Move

a dog does a move that no other dogs can do or do it in a way that no other dog does it? that’s a Super-Canine move.

Like a super-human move , the super canine move is something that pretty much only that dog can do. it’s that dog’s super power. Be careful though, super-canine moves can be dangerous and perceived as dangerous. If you are going to rely on that move to serve as your signature, you better be sure that it is safe and that your peers feel it is safe.