Screw Vault

Blind Spinning Reverse Vault

the Screw Vault is a moving reverse vault. the dog is set up behind the handler and commits to the rebound before or as the handler turns around. to execute a Reverse Chest Vault or Reverse Leg Vault.

4 keys to the Screw Vault:

  1. stable starting position
  2. verbal commitment on rebound
  3. turn with your toes
  4. try a cookie foundation

Create a Stable Starting Position Behind Handler

the Screw Vault requires a very stable wait and proper position behind the handler. without that stable position and wait the skill is extremely hard to time.

This skill is made much easier and far more simple if the the dog and handler have a stable and predictable position and wait behind the handler. Working behind the handler is not a common thing for disc dogs and is going to be the greatest stumbling block towards adding this super cool vault to your bag of tricks.

Commitment to Verbal Cue on Rebound is Key

because the Screw Vault is a blind skill, verbal cuing is extremely important. your dog needs to be absolutely committed to the verbal cue in order to start the skill with no vaulting platform.

Jumping up into a flipping position on the handler’s body requires a good deal of commitment. Doing the same on a soon to appear moving vaulting platform? That’s a whole other level. Take this skill slowly. Break it up into three distinct pieces – the wait, the turn, and the vault. Your verbal cue is should be working and your dog should be well aware of the skill they are going to be doing before your start to make the movement fluid.

Turn Your Toes First and Turn them Far

as you are preparing to spin around to hit the position, think about turning your toes out and towards your dog. get the foot planted facing your dog early. step and turn to that position quickly and efficiently.

Your first movement should be your with your toes. Turn your toes out in the direction you are going to spin to hit your vaulting platform position. Try to point them at the dog, you probably won’t get there, but the further you get with your toes the less you have to twist and bend with your body and the faster you are going to get to the vaulting position.

This is similar to the turning of your heel in the Yachi Vault.

Work the Skill with Cookies at Half Speed

using cookies to work this skill, just like Ballwork, is a great idea. half the intensity and half the speed. cookies can be used to get sensible work.

Here at Pawsitive Vybe we often use cookies to work this skill. It’s an awkward movement for both dog and handler. Cookies can provide very simple and clear communication and reinforcement without the overwhelming speed and intensity that toys or discs bring to the game.