Ron Watson | Reverse Chest Vault AirBounce Under

Boom Pow! Huge Double Disc Move

a quick hitting, high flying double disc move made possible by skillful use of a 2 disc toss – 2 discs in the throwing hand split by your index finger. from the vault toss, it’s just falling into your lunge for the AirBounce.

Keys to the Trick:

  1. It’s a 1-2 – No Question About It
  2. Fall Into Your AirBounce
  3. Read the Dog Well
  4. It’s Not For All Dogs

It’s a 1-2 – No Question About It

a 1-2 is a boom-pow throw that happens in multiple, rapid-fire, succession. this 1-2 happens in the time of a Rebound. plenty of time, but it’s definitely a 1-2. if you are doing this you are doing 2 throws right now…

This move does require fast hands, but more than that it requires a fast mind and a clear intent. And of course it goes without saying that without complete competence in the Rebound (and landing!) this trick is a non-starter.

Intend to make that 2nd throw. You’ve got the grip, your finger is splitting the two discs, make that tiny little 12 inch toss and fall into your AirBounce.

Fall Into Your AirBounce

an AirBounce isn’t as much throwing your hand with the disc in it down as much as it is dropping your body while throwing it. falling into a lunge from a leaned back Rebound position will create the dropped body that the AirBounce requires.

Whether you are doing a Reverse Chest Vault or a Reverse Leg Vault, falling into the Airbounce is rather easy if you let it happen. Once the vault toss is thrown, lean to the side and don’t try to catch your balance until you have fallen and must save yourself with a lunge.

Treating it like falling will create the speed and intensity of drop without you having to do a bunch of huge athletic work.

Read the Dog Well

you can’t just whip the disc out there anywhere. your dog is in the air, doing a flipping dynamic skill WAY up there, trying to land. you’ve got to read that landing well and feed the landing to help the dog move out of the landing.

This is a critical piece of the puzzle. You’ve got to read your dog’s landing and figure out which direction the throw needs to go in to reinforce a safe, smooth and successful landing. Throwing it in the wrong direction can put the dog in danger by pitting their desire to get the disc against their sense of self preservation and desire to land safely. Don’t do that.

Read the dog’s landing, figure out where he or she is Releasing to on that landing, and deliver the AirBounce on that line. This is critical for safety, success, and style.

It’s Not For All Dogs

if your dog doesn’t rebound well or does sweet looping rebounds where they wind up facing you, then this trick probably isn’t for that Team. if you have a safe and successful rebound that lands with the dog facing away, have at it.

Dogs that struggle with a Rebound or that are super amazing at the Rebound can be ill fit for this 1-2 trick. If you can’t make a throw that reinforces a safe and successful landing, then do some other super cool crazytown trick.