Hoop! It’s Cool

dog leaps through a hoop made of the handler’s arms. this is usually used as a set up move but also with a thrown disc. but to throw a disc, you gotta be quick.

There is something special about the dog leaping through the handler like they seem to do with the Hoop while jamming – precision navigation with primal intent… so cool.

This skill is about 4 keys:

  1. jump through hoop
  2. rebound through hoop

Leaping Through Hoop

a simple leap through a hoop made of the handler’s arms is a great little set up move. it can be used to set up little tricks at low speed or big tricks at high speed. it takes quick hands and proper timing for a tossed disc with this skill.

Rebound Through Hoop

it’s quite simple to set up a little Fakie or reverse vault


The dog will go where the reward happens. Reward placement is a powerful tool. If your dog is taking off like a lunatic, 50 yards down field, you know what I mean. Push the disc out the left and right and your dog will start to release from the go around a bit more sensibly and watch what you are doing.