Counter Clock Twist

Spins and Twists Add Flash

dog spins 360° in Clockwise or Counter Clockwise fashion. mastery over the Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Spins means you can add flash on the fly to any trick or sequence.

Spinning & Twisting Keys:

  1. reward with cued bite
  2. reward with flank
  3. reward with throw

Rewarding with Bite

spin and twist can and should be reinforced with a cued Bite on the disc as a foundational practice and as a random occurrence.

Using a cued Bite as a cookie for the spin or twist frequently will give your dog plenty of reason to finish off that spin or twist and be ready to rock while building a love of doing it.

Call your dog in for the Bite on the disc to the left of you, to the right of you, and to your center and you will add a ton of value to the Front position and to the start of your clock and counter Go Arounds.

Rewarding with Flank

reinforcing your dog’s spin or twist by turning and setting the flank and/or delivering a throw can make for cool patterns and interesting team movement.

If you turn right or left while your dog is Spinning or Twisting you can Set a Flank and purposefully work flatwork. This makes for interesting and creative team movement and can really reduce the pressure that aggressive, high drive dogs bring to the table.

Rewarding with the Flank is rewarding with Team Movement and the promise of Next. Just be sure that your Flank position almost always leads to something cool and you will not only have great flatwork but your dog will be reinforced by team movement. What a bonus!

Rewarding with a Throw

rewarding with a throw should have the dog’s movement and trajectory and in mind.

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a handler throw an uncatchable disc to a dog with no regard for the dog’s movement, likelihood of a catch, or even the laws of physics.

Make sure that your throw that reinforces any disc maneuver is thrown with the dog’s movement and trajectory in mind. It’s critical.

Counter Clock Twist