Big Over

Do You Have Different Overs?

the Big Over is pretty much just your most impressive over. your big over should be properly timed, thrown before the dog leaves the ground, and should have good separation between the catch and the thrower’s hand

3 things about the Big Over:

  1. early, early, early!
  2. throw slightly towards your dog
  3. make sure it is high enough

Cue and Release Early

a big running over needs to be cued when the dog is15-20 yards away and the throw needs to be up when the dog is 5-7 yards away to be proper.

A Big Over requires a ton of commitment by the dog largely because of the scale of the leap and the increased speed of the skill. This means that the dog should know what is coming at a far greater distance than your average over or vault. It takes a yard or 3 to get prepared for the collection, a yard or two to collect that’s 5 yards – just to properly react to the throw.

If you are doing a Big Over on the run, you should deliver the disc before the dog leaves the ground at the very minimum.

Push the Toss Slightly Towards Your Dog

your toss for the Big Over should travel, just a bit (

Dogs often leap for discs after they have missed. They over pursue and wind up under the disc in poor position to make a catch. This makes leaping a last resort and Big Leaping nearly impossible.

Pushing the disc towards the dog a little bit on your toss for the Big Over is important to set the proper trajectory to clear the obstacle and have a safe landing.

Be Sure to Throw it High Enough

because you have to throw this so early, you also have to throw it high. like way higher than you think…

Let’s say your dog is leaping for a disc that is 5 feet off the ground and you throw it when the dog is 7 yards away. That disc either has to go up and down in slow motion, or it has to be thrown much higher than the height of the catch – probably 7-9 feet high.

Big Over

Big Overs and big vaults are going to be over-tossed. They will be caught on their way down. This requires a tremendous amount of commitment by the dog.


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