Back Stall

Hop Up and Chill Out

dog leaps up on the handler’s back and stays up there until asked to get off. it’s a real crowd pleaser.

This skill is about 4 keys:

  1. duration is defined by the release
  2. prep before leaping for a disc
  3. dip the shoulder for off
  4. think off to set up move

The Back Stall is a Duration Behavior – It is Defined by the Release

if you are having problems with your dog holding this skill, focus on the Release. release and reinforce. make reinforcement dependent upon the cued release.

Some times your dog starts to cheat the stall. This frustrates many handlers.

Remember that duration is defined by the release. If you want your dog to stay you have to get better at releasing them from the behavior. Make it to the release cue and make the release required to earn reinforcement. It’s super simple.

Physical Prep Predicts the Toss or Dismount

use a physical prep, a rhythmic up and down motion that predicts the delivery of the toss and leap. help your prepare for the sudden appearance of the target and it will look smooth.

Getting out of the Back Stall with a catch is possibly the most awkward trick in the game of freestyle disc with dogs. It is rare to see that skill performed really well or for it to make the dog look cool. It’s always fraught with timing trouble and insecurity.

A great fix for this is a simple prep by the handler. Dip your body down and up, elastically and in rhythm and your dog will learn to predict and surf that little wave of motion you create. You can even take it to popping your dog off your back if you would like.

Don’t forget to Prep your dog for the dismount, especially when tossing a disc.

Off with a Dip of your Shoulder

a nice physical cue for the release of the Back Stall is a dip of the shoulder. it’s slick and subtle. it can also dictate direction.

Getting a dog to get off during a Back Stall can be an interesting challenge sometimes. Getting them off in the right direction or orientation can be challenging as well.

It’s nice to use a dip of your shoulder to the left or the right as your cue to hop off. It makes for some simple and nifty team movement and team communication.

Back Stall to Set Up Move

tired of weak leaping, shaky leaping catch off the back stall? back stall to set up move can make for interesting syncopated team movement.

Back Stall to Through is a great dismount. Anytime you sandwich a stall between a bunch of seamless action it looks interesting. As if time just screeched to a halt. It can create drama. It can be a strategic pause. It’s a much more effective showmanship tool and performance enhancer than a shaky leap off your back for a tiny little toss.

Back Stall to set up move can be exciting.