Training Triads

Bite Sized Snippets of Knowledge

What is a Triad?

Well a Triad is Many Things, but at root, it's 3 things: 
This, That, and the Other.

A Triad is a little bit deeper than this or that thinking, or THAT! This or that is the goal and the thing getting in the way of our goal. And a Triad is certainly a deeper look at things than simply going for the Goal. 

a Pawsitive Vybe Safe to Fail Experiment
Single Point | Focus | the Goal™
The single minded focus of the goal narrows the perspective and creates tunnel vision. This tunnel vision can blind us to important novel and creative solutions and can make it difficult to see progress to the goal.
Binary Thinking | This or That | Good or Bad
Focusing on the thing that I want vs the thing that I don't want creates a lot of stuff I don't want and at best some mix between what I want and what I know I don't want.
If you want to guarantee you get a good dose of what you don't want be sure to only work on This and avoid That.
Perspective | Choice | Movement
Considering Triads, 3 options, criteria, or ideas, creates all kinds of possibilities from increased Cookies Per Minute (CPM) to fresh new approaches to problems or deeper more flexible foundation.
Single Points Don’t Map Well
X Marks the Spot
To find something you need to know where you are and where it is. A destination point on a map is helpful, but we also need to know where we are and where we are going to need to turn. This is often taken for granted by trainers.
Straight Lines on Maps
This or That creates a straight line. Super useful tool, but what if you need to hit the restroom or a bridge is out and you need a detour? Didn't plan on that, did ya? And how do your straight lines match all the curves on the map?
Triangulate Your Position
If you want to know where you are on any map at any time, just triangulate your position. If you want to check your heading, you figure out where you were, where you are at, and where you are going. Are we on track here?