Tao of DiscDog Proof Arrival + Excerpt

Got my proof copy of the Tao of DiscDog this afternoon. I think I left nose prints on the window with the rest of the dogs while waiting for the mailman. And, yup, I barked right along with them… 😉 Epic and I read a couple of excerpts on camera.We’re super excited about the book, and I found myself a bit emotional when checking it out. Pretty amazing stuff. Hope all of you enjoy it.

This video was supposed to include an announcement of a livestream for people who have pre-ordered the book, but it went a bit long and thought it might be easier to just drop a few words in a blog post. Tomorrow, sometime, we’ll be doing a livestream – somewhere. More info to come here on the blog and also probably the Book of Face.

Get an autographed copy for a limited time only. 

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