Tao of DiscDog | International Shipping Hiccup

I have underestimated the price of international shipping for a 10 oz. book. I budgeted in $10-15 max, which I thought would be plenty, but didn’t expect that shipping would cost $16 to Canada and $23.50 to Europe. I’ve not yet priced Asia, Australia, and the UK. That is just about $1000 of shipping for 50 books. Man, that hurts just typing it.

In a few of the posts on social media and in personal correspondence with people inquiring about international shipping, I mentioned that if the cost of shipping were to turn out ridiculously expensive that I would solicit donations or make arrangements with the purchaser; well, here we are.

Requesting 1/2 Shipping Costs

If you are not in the US, I am requesting a minimum of 1/2 of shipping costs. For Europe and Asia this equates to about $13 US and for Canada it would be $8 (you are welcome to send more than that 😉 ) Of course I will honor the free shipping if you want to hold me to it, but $1.50 per book is not quite the profit margin I was anticipating.

Orders will be prioritized: the first to go in the mail will be those who have contributed to the shipping fund. And then I will be figuring out how to pay for the shipment of the rest of the orders. 

Donations Welcome

For those of you with PayPal, you can send money via this Paypal Link. Anyone who chooses to not do paypal or does not have a Paypal account, hit me up privately via email or direct message and I will send you an invoice that can be paid with a credit or debit card.

Donations for shipping are completely welcome from anyone who would like to contribute.

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