DiscDogger Weekly | Disc Dog Web Series in a Single Episode

While the show is offline for a couple weeks, I’m still working on it. Getting ideas on content and also delivery. I’ve been assembling all of the DiscDogger Weekly Segments into a single show and am thinking that a single weekly show via YT Premiere with single episode segments following might be a better way to deliver the show.

DiscDogger Weekly #17 | 0:59 – Are You Throwing Blind? | 3:21 – Better Disc Throwing Intangibles with the 4 Hands Form | 8:22 – Secrets of the Backhand Throw | 15:57 – Secrets of the SideArm Throw | 20:24 – How to Throw a Push | 24:43 – Overhand Wrist Flip Instruction | 30:03 – X Hands Forms for Disc Throwing Intangibles | 35:31 – Grip is NOT Your Problem | 39:14 – Handling a Stack of Discs

YT Premiere

This afternoon I tried a YT Premiere for the first time with the episode above. It worked, but I pretty much just observed the process, only adding a couple of comments throughout the show.

I’ve got another Premiere set up for this evening in which I plan to be more actively involved:

DiscDogger Weekly Episode #18 Full Show | 0:59 – Solid Flatwork Weak Shapes | 3:15 – Strong Flatwork Good Shapes | 6:18 – X Hands Practical Zig Zag | 10:58 – Throwing with Athletic Humor | 15:55 – 6 Ways to Create Disc Dog Shapes | 20:26 – Throwing to Create Disc Dog Shapes | 24:52 – Catch with Curves | 32:06 – Toss n Fetch Catch | 36:54 – Epic Freestyle Editors Cut

Back to the Future and Catch-22 – The Best of Both Worlds

I’m kind of excited about this.

In some ways it’s like going back in time to the PVybe Life and RuffCut web series days. We’ll have a long form web series show going down. But the problem with that show was getting the discrete lessons out in searchable format so people can easily find the lesson they’re looking for and so the lessons can be shared and discovered by YT.

The problem with the serialized DiscDogger Weekly is that everything has to be a discrete lesson. It’s hard to drop in 20 or 30 seconds of cool footage and it is easy to go too long on a particular topic that is hard to split up…

I think this solution solves both problems. We’ll drop the long form premiere on DiscDogger Weekly night and then dribble out the discrete lessons throughout the week. There is a lean back viewing experience and a discrete lesson segment option.

Hope to See You There

Hope to see you at the premiere tonight and on all the premieres in the future.

Please share this piece and the show with all your friends. I won’t be doing much on FB and will instead be focusing on the website here, YT, and Vimeo.

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✌️?Peace & Happy Jamming?✌️

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The Purpose and Value of Recognizing Shapes in Disc Dog Freestyle

Shapes are created by the position and movement of dog, handler, and disc. And shapes can be created by the dog, the handler, and the placement of the disc. Shapes are a fact of disc dog freestyle.

When the dog leaves the handler for a catch, that tends to create a line. When the dog is away from the handler and moves across the field to make a catch, as in a Zig Zag or Around the World, that tends to create a Shape.

Throwing With Intent

Throwing with Intent is throwing a disc to your dog with the intent to make them look good. Throwing the disc to promote a big leap, to hit the dog in stride on the run or throwing a disc that your dog is going to flip for 10 yards away, is the sign of a mature handler.