DiscDogger Weekly #22 Premiere – Puppy Power!

Catch this week’s episode of DiscDogger Weekly, #22 on YT Premiere at 12:00 ET Jan 28 on YouTube or in the comfort of your own home on the Pawsitive Vybe Channel on Roku. Lessons from the blog coming soon…

Sneak Peek for Patrons of Pawsitive Vybe

Episode #22 Premiere on YT at 12:00PM ET Thursday Jan 28 and on the Pawsitive Vybe Channel on Roku

1:08 – Wham! Puppy Bitework Functions
4:31 – Pre-Cuing for Sequences with Jack & Remix
10:22 – Grasshopper Puppy Position & Set Up
13:01 – Wham! Bitework Details
16:25 – Oppositional Feeding & Balance
20:04 – Puppy Catching | Bridging the Take
25:36 – Divine Canine Solutions Summit
27:05 – Bridging the Take Part 2

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Pre-Cuing for DiscDog Sequences with Jack & Remix

Disc dog sequencing is an art form. A discdog sequence is more than just a list of tricks. A good Sequence, capital ‘S’ should be greater than the sum of the tricks and should be more than just a bunch of tricks in sequence. Tight sequences where the dog and handler are in complex, cooperative movement, together, are quite beautiful and wind up creating this sense of the Sequence being greater than the sum of the tricks.

Oppositional Feeding Applications 2020

Oppositional Feeding is a powerful flatwork tool that can be used for many purposes. It can be used to slow a dog down, to increase drop distance, to get a dog to pay attention to the handler, and to shape flatwork patterns amongst other things including setting up a flip at a distance.

DiscDogger Weekly #19 – Talking Disc Dogs and Disc Dog Bitework

Welcome to DiscDogger Weekly Episode 19. On this week’s agenda we’ve got disc dog puppy bitework with Grasshopper and a new disc dog star, Wham! We’ve got some discussion of disc dog shapes and Team Movement with UpDog Founder,Jack Fahle, and demonstration of the impact of handler movement on Shapes with Ron & Epic. Throwing is featured this week as well with a lesson on throwing behind the back, a wordy announcement from Pawsitive Vybe, and a freestyle Jam session with Jack & Spice.