Jam in a Flash 1st Edition


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DiscDog Creativity and an Endless Supply of Fresh Sequences. Get More Jam Through the Luck of the Draw

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Back - Bigger & Better

Jam in a Flash is BACK! Bigger, harder, cooler photos, better tech… expansion packs of cool players. 51 Tricks in this Tiny Box of Jam.

Super excited to bring these cards back online and kick it up a notch. We’ve added a couple new wrinkles and have some stellar teams that will be featured in Expansion Packs.

Expansion Packs Available and More Coming Soon!

a Full Deck of Jam
51 DiscDog Tricks - 6 Elements
Deal them Out
Deal them Out | Play them Honestly
Get More Jam!
Get your tiny box of jam now!
Tricks for All Levels
Expansion Packs Available Soon!
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Routine Building Made Simple, Effective, and Fun

Well we have made the move. Game industry standard playing cards, full color, full bleed, front and back. They’re beautiful!

Jam in a Flash First Edition

Here is the first production series of Disc Dog Flash Jam cards

45 Tricks are in this series + 6 Dry Erasable “My Moves” cards for your own custom moves. Each of these tricks links via QR code to an article about the trick: instruction, tips, and/or tricks, and to a Discussion Forum post for group discussion and QnA.

Learning Through Play Has Arrived

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