Disc Dog Glossary | Updated 2020

Words Matter. Disc dog vocabulary and nomenclature can be a bit tough to follow. That’s why we created our disc dog glossary back in 2016. It’s got more than a few entries, you will see some of the terms linked in blog posts here on the site. If you need something defined or need some clarity just hook up with us via the “Suggest a Term” button at the top of the page and we’ll see about getting it added to the list.

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practical disc dog puppy bitework

Practical Disc Dog Puppy Bitework with Wham!

Jack and Wham! work on some disc dog puppy bitework on the big field at the Fahle Ranch.The focus of this session is keeping this young frisbee phenom on task and engaged and to develop and reinforce basic disc dog mechanics: Bite, Drop, and Give. Rollers are thrown in for action and variety. Wham! is a 16 week old Aussie.

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DiscDog Puppy Bitework | Criteria and Bite Trigger

Disc Dog Bitework is a great way to teach the mechanics of disc play: Bite, Drop, and Give. Each of these skills is integral to the game of disc with a dog whether you’re playing freestyle or focused on disc dog games. Ron & Grasshopper work a little bitework in this short session with a focus on drawing attention to the Bite and Drop criteria and the trigger for a Bite.

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Shapes Scoring Discussion With Jack Fahle

There are three main components that create Shapes in disc dog freestyle. Where and how the dog moves, where and how the throws are made, and where and how the handler moves. These three elements work in concert to create Shapes and Team Movement. So it is not whether or not you are creating shapes in your disc dog play it is what shapes are you creating in your play.

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Throwing to Create Disc Dog Shapes

How and where we throw the disc has great bearing on how and where our dog moves. This sounds elementary, but the application of this knowledge is not nearly as simple as it sounds. Or maybe it is just as simple, it’s just not super easy to understand.

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On Flatwork & Shapes in Disc Dog Freestyle

Disc Dog Flatwork and Shapes are related but not the same thing. Just because you have good flatwork doesn’t mean you will have good shapes and vice versa. It is possible to have great Shapes and poor Flatwork. As it is possible to have great Flatwork and poor Shapes.

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disc throwing athletic humor

Better Creative Throwing With Athletic Humor

Flying discs are magical missile objects. They seem to move in an impossible manner. It is this impossible movement that attracts people to the flight of a flying disc and disc play in general. Cool throws need not be difficult things and the coolest throws are often quite simple.

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catch with curves

Dialing in Distance Throwing | Catch with Curves

For many throwers, old and new alike, Hyzer and Anhyzer are like some kind of paranormal activity, like ghosts they are completely visible but ephemeral and difficult to understand. For those that are initiated and understand the concepts practical applications of the skills are often hard to find. Enter Catch with Curves…

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toss n fetch catch

Toss N Fetch Catch | Practicing Under Pressure

Throw as many 42 yard throws as you want and you can still be surprised and affected by your rampaging frizbeast bolting up field and pressuring your throw. If only there were some way to practice Toss N Fetch throws under that kind of pressure… Well, grab a few discs and a partner and head on out to the field.

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form for throwing intangibles

X Hands Forms for Disc Throwing Intangibles

The X Hands Forms are throwing forms from Disc Quan Do. The X is just a place-holding variable. Each belt level of Disc quan Do has a throwing form featuring four throws. 4 Hands, 8 Hands, 12 Hands, all the way to 32 Hands. You don’t have to be a Disc Quan Do practitioner to use the forms, but it does help to have some structure…

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disc throwing intangibles

Better Disc Throwing Intangibles with the 4 Hands Form

Intangibles… The things you need to know that you don’t know you need to know. There are many intangibles in disc dog freestyle and disc dog games, and they often take years to grasp. There are intangibles in disc throwing in general and intangibles in throwing disc to dogs. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were something you could do to draw those intangibles to the surface and make them much easier to grasp? Well, I got some good news for you…

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Disc Dog Vault Training

Disc Dog Vault Training | Cuing Direction

Tell, Trigger, Target is the disc dog vault sequence. Tell the dog where the disc will be caught and what type of vault is to be done, Trigger the dog’s movement with the presentation of the vaulting platform, and set the Target. It is your job to deliver this information so the dog leaves the ground knowing these three pieces of critical intelligence.

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Slowing Down a Disc Dog

Slowing Down a Disc Dog with Team Movement & Flatwork

Obi has come a long way. He is paying attention to his handler, he’s following his handler’s movements and respecting and responding to positional pressure and body language. As a result he’s playing much more safely and successfully, and his leaping is coming along. That said, he’s still apt to get ahead of himself and run too fast. This could easily spiral out of control and lead to a return to unsafe and unsuccessful play.

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Rewarding with Plastic

Rewarding with Plastic | The Cookie is Next

Many handlers struggle with disc dog skills simply because they think that their only cookie in this game is “the Disc”. The disc is a cookie, but it is not the cookie. THE cookie that is most important in the game of disc is Next. It is far better to have your disc dog working for Next than the disc. So, how does that look and how does that work?

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