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Script & Companion Text Sample from Disc Dog 0-60 – How to Effectively Drive Your Disc Dog

Here are a couple of excerpts from the Disc Dog 0-60 – How to Effectively Drive Your Disc Dog.

This is part of my script and will be dressed up as companion text to the video. 

There are still a few pre-orders left. I’m thinking it might go up in price, but won’t make a decision on that until the project is nearly done. 

Patron’s Choice: Shaping the Leaping Catch | Freestyle and the Leaping Catch

Shaping a Leaping Catch can, and should be a full time job. Always throw with the intent to deliver the leaping catch unless working something specific that requires a specific approach, speed or distance that is incompatible with a leaping catch. Out throws are glory, not afterthoughts.

Within a game of disc dog freestyle there are many opportunities to reinforce and shape the leaping catch and to turn the speed regulation required for the leaping catch into a habit that is ever present in your freestyle game.