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The Sound of DiscDog | Cuing a Vault

Ron & Epic warmup for some detailed vault work and demonstrate proper vault cuing in this Sound of DiscDog session on Clubhouse. The Sound of DiscDog is a series we run in the Pawsitive Vybe Club on Clubhouse, an audio only social network, that is designed to stimulate our listeners imaginations and draw attention to some of the missing elements of disc dog and dog training through visual consumption. Listening to training and jams can provide a completely different understanding. Give it a shot, listen to the audio below before watching the video.

On Disc Dog Vaulting | Timing Is NOT Your Problem

Timing is not the issue with vaulting. Placing focus on timing in order to solve vaulting problems will not solve them. It will make them worse.

In vaulting disc dogs, everyone is focused on timing, and it’s largely my fault. For 18 years I broadcast the ideas: “Don’t Be Late!” and “Early, Early, Early!” And the message was received. It’s nearly the law when it comes to vaulting a disc dog.