All Classes Ready to Roll… Vice Directors?

Hey All,

* Crossposted from the Patreon Blog

I’ve been enjoying my time off by putting all my waking hours into the website only taking breaks for a couple of jam sessions, Disc Quan Do Zoom meetings and dinner. It’s been a bit of a slog, I have to tell you…

Classes are all completely functional and ready to roll. Vice directors and above are able to join classes on their own, just goto the group for the class and insert yourself… You might need to log out and log back in, and you will have to be logged in via patreon, but it seems like it is all working.

Cups of Joe, if you want in, let me know by requesting group access and I’ll get you set up for a limited time…

Disc Quan Do is updated through Blue Belt, and Eppie and I are going to smash some Forms out and class up the joint:

So cruise on over to the site, take a look around and get enrolled in classes. I’ll be pushing through on improving class content and fiddling around a little bit during my vacation, but we’re looking good to go…

Hit me up if you need anything or see something amiss.


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