2020 Pawsitive Vybe Patreon Production Recap

2020 Pawsitive Vybe Patron Production Wrap Up

While 2020 was a pretty shitty year by nearly every metric, we really did try to make the most of it. 2020 was my most productive year of content creation of my entire life, and that is all due to the support of our Patrons. Here’s a look at a list and some numbers from 2020:

  • 163 Blog Posts
  • 330 YouTube Videos
  • 3 eBooks – 600+ Pages
  • 20 1/2 hour Episodes of DiscDogger Weekly
  • 50+ UpDog Training Videos
  • New Website Design

Thank You To All Our Patrons!

This would not be happening without the support of our Patrons, thank you so much for sticking with us and believing in the Pawsitive Vybe.

We started out our Patreon community in Nov 2019, and it has grown throughout the year, topping out at the end of 2020 with 81 beautiful human beings who think that our work is worth something and worth supporting. Thank you all so much for sticking with us through this crazy year.

The Magic of Working for Our Patrons

Earlier in the year I wrote about how nice it is working for our Patrons. It really does make a difference, mentally in these days of numbers, stats, likes, and shares to have a group of people to work for. Instead of chasing numbers and popularity, I can focus on the content and the meaning it has for a core group of people who value our content beyond a click or a like.

It truly is special working with and for you all. Thanks again for keeping the lights on and making the magic happen. We’re going to be upping our game in 2021, stick around a while and take the ride with us…

What’s Coming in 2021?

As I mentioned above, working for our Patrons is about much more than the numbers, and our growth and success can’t really be measured in numbers. We’re growing beyond the numbers, moving forward and branching out. Here’s what’s happening right now:

The Pawsitive Vybe App

January or February will see the release of the Pawsitive Vybe App. A native iPhone and Android app that has all of our website, blog, and class content packaged up into a neat little social media user interface based on the same tech that runs FB and other social media sites.

You’ll be able to get your class and blog content directly from your phone or tablet in beautifully functional fashion.

I can’t tell you how stoked I am about this. You should be too.

Pawsitive Vybe and DiscDogger Weekly on TV

We’ve grown into TV with DiscDogger Weekly and Pawsitive Vybe. The end of the year saw us moving into television via Roku and FirestickTV. We’re taking the show into your living room for some PVybe & Chill, now you can get a distraction free, lean-back viewing experience and we’re looking forward to keeping up the pace and edutaining you in the comforts of your home with your pup on your lap.

We’re also going to be putting out UpDog games on Roku and FirestickTV and have some tentative plans for an additional channel or two. You’ll have to stick around and stay tuned…

Classes and Moar Classes!

Disc Dog Bitework, Foundation, Sequence Building, and Disc Quan Do have all been revamped for 2020, and Disc Quan Do has been meeting 2x per week via Zoom since August 2020. Practitioners of the Disc Dog Martial Art are really starting to hit their stride and take their game to the next level. In 2021, we hope to see you there.

We have already released a couple of new classes and have a few more in development and a bunch more on the agenda. A few more will be coming online in Q1 2021 and a bunch more are slated for Q2 2020 (we are currently taking requests).

Current Classes

  • Disc Dog Foundation
  • Disc Quan Do
  • Disc Dog Bitework
  • UpDog Game Strategies
  • Disc Dog Sequence Building

Q1 2020

  • Throwing for Distance
  • Field Set Up
  • Vaulting Concepts
  • Pedestal Training

Q2 2020

  • PVybe Flying Circus
  • Disc Dog Jamming
  • Disc Dog Trick Classes
  • Disc Dog Throw Classes
  • Dog Training Topics
  • Slacker Training

These classes are all tied into the Pawsitive Vybe App. Some of them will be highly focused, short and sweet bite sized learning experiences, and some of them will be much more of a long term engagement much like our current crop of classes.

Thanks for the Support and Let’s Lean In to 2021

Again, I simply can’t tell you all how much we appreciate working with and for you. It has been an amazing experience and has helped to keep us afloat in calamitous times. I have no idea where we would be without you all…

I look forward to taking Pawsitive Vybe to the next level and delivering more deep and relevant dog training and disc dog content to you all.

We’re going to make learning about disc dogs and dog training easy, simple, and fun in 2021. And if you ain’t having fun, what are you doing, right?

✌️? Thanks again and Happy Jamming! ?✌️

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