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Patron’s Choice: Shaping a Leaping Catch | Creating a Late Read

Reading the disc is a skill that astute dogs and humans pick up rather quickly. The float, the spin, and the speed can reliably be gauged and predicted after several reps. Of course this changes with wind, disc choice, and throwing ability but, generally speaking, the flight path of a disc is easily predicted.

Creative Disc Throw | Airbounce

The key to throwing the Airbounce is to have a perfectly clean release at the simplest expression of the throw. If you can’t perform the throw at it’s essence, how in the world are you going to master it and be able to master it when the power, speed and physics of a serious Airbounce multiply the difficulty?

The Purpose and Value of Recognizing Shapes in Disc Dog Freestyle

Shapes are created by the position and movement of dog, handler, and disc. And shapes can be created by the dog, the handler, and the placement of the disc. Shapes are a fact of disc dog freestyle.

When the dog leaves the handler for a catch, that tends to create a line. When the dog is away from the handler and moves across the field to make a catch, as in a Zig Zag or Around the World, that tends to create a Shape.

Component Elements of Disc Dog Routines

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Tricks are very important. Having cool tricks makes life as a disc dog freestyler much easier on the competition field. But tricks are not the only important part. How they are put together is the key. It’s like notes and music. 

Making the Play with Eppie | Disc Dog Team Movement and Leaping

We have been working this week on collection and thoughtful pursuit using upside down throws. Putting that into a pattern or flowing flatwork is a bit different from doing it in single disc Throw N Go. In this session, Eppie & I work on “Making the Play” using an upside down toss with the goal of getting him to slow down and thoughtfully pursue the disc so he is in a better position to leap for the catch.