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Pre-Cuing for DiscDog Sequences with Jack & Remix

Disc dog sequencing is an art form. A discdog sequence is more than just a list of tricks. A good Sequence, capital ‘S’ should be greater than the sum of the tricks and should be more than just a bunch of tricks in sequence. Tight sequences where the dog and handler are in complex, cooperative movement, together, are quite beautiful and wind up creating this sense of the Sequence being greater than the sum of the tricks.

Routine Building | Stop Putting the Cart Before the Horse

In routine building handlers are often putting the cart before the horse. I’ve built more than a few routines in my time. I’ve drawn detailed diagrams, written lists with wind modifiers, grouped my sequences, made physical models of the routine – all of these things have been helpful to some degree. But they were, more often than not, putting the cart before the horse.

Patron’s Choice: Routine Building | Creativity in Routine Building

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Creativity in Routine Building often happens at the level of the Sequence, a series of tricks that become greater than the sum of their parts. Sequences are the blocks or modules you will be moving around to create your jam. To go beyond sequence level creativity you have to see the bigger picture, the picture that says your routine is just a big sequence.