Rec’d on YT | Training Triad – Take | Regrab | Give

Ron & Eppie demonstrate a powerful and elegant tool for reinforcing the Give behavior.
via PVybe on YT: YouTube

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Do Then Cue – Putting Behaviors Before the Cued Drop for Proofing Purposes

Cue Before Do is standard operating procedure for teaching a cued Drop with discs. Cue Before Do means that you ask for and get the Drop behavior before giving the cookie which is “Do” – throw, next move, bite, etc. Because disc dog freestyle is really nothing more than a series of long behavior chains, many of which are dependent upon having the disc out of the dog’s mouth to complete, this makes complete sense and is logically sound.

Triads in Dog Training

In dog training, and modern life, we tend to get overly focused on the goal and the impediment standing in front of the goal. In dog training, this means the behavior we want, finished, and the wrong behavior overwhelm our sensibilities and sensemaking. Pawsitive Vybe has a solution for this…