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Better Interior Team Movement | Squared Stance Shifting Form

Being ahead of the dog is the key to flow and control, and being in front of the dog on interior moves requires fast, purposeful movement. Watching the dog or being caught on your heels is not an option. This form creates a habit out of moving immediately, with purpose and being prepared for the next move before you’re done moving. Making a habit of this kind of movement makes being ahead of the dog much easier leading to greater control and enhanced flow.

Shaping the Approach

Team’s move together. The only time a team runs at each other without cooperation or purposeful cooperative movement is when the play is done. To keep the flow going and demonstrate Team Movement in dog frisbee, the dog and handler should be moving together, you know, like a team.

Flank vs Pass

There are really only 2 ways to throw a disc to your dog, you can Flank or Pass. Ideally you display a mix of both of these types of throws in your freestyle game. Passes are set up with Team Movement but Team Movement is not required to make the throw or the catch. Flanks are also set up with Team Movement and Team Movement is required in the placement and timing of the throw and the catch.