Rec’d on YT | Slacker Training Sunday: Primal Games, CupCake’s Tricks & Attentional Focus | Episode #128 🐶🎮🍰

Lean back and relax with episode 128 of Slacker Training Sunday! Tonight, we’re diving into a laid-back exploration of primal games, honing in on attentional focus, and sprinkling in some of CupCake’s delightful tricks. All without our star, Epic – but no worries, we’ve got plenty of fun in store!

Catch the incredible crew, 🧁CupCake🧁, da 👑King👑, and the new pup 🥋Ken Du🥋, along with the ever-inspiring Ron Watson, as they explore:

🎮 Primal Games: Get ready for an instinctual play session with the pups.
🍰 CupCake’s Tricks: Delight in CupCake’s unique and playful maneuvers.
🌅 Horizons & Attentional Focus: Learn how horizons shape the play and training environment and how to leverage attentional focus.
💬 Q&A Session: Your chance to ask anything about disc dogs, training, or anything in between.

Whether you’re an experienced disc dog trainer or just someone who adores their furry friends, tonight’s session is tailored to fill your evening with insights, laughter, and a lot of laid-back fun.

Join us tonight at 9:15 PM CT on the DiscDog Dojo YouTube channel.

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We’ll see you at the Dojo. Let’s slack off together! 🐶🎮🍰
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