Rec’d on YT | Saturday Night Special: Farewell to Antonis & Meg 🇬🇷 | DiscDog Dojo #157 🌟🐕

🎉 Join Us for a Special Saturday Night Send-Off! 🎉
This evening at 9PM CT, we’re hosting a heartfelt goodbye to Antonis & 🇬🇷Meg🇬🇷 on their last night in the States. Don’t miss this special episode with our beloved regulars: Epic 🦮, 🧁CupCake🧁, 👑King👑, 🐾Ken Du🐾, and a special appearance by Constance 🌟.

What’s in Store for Tonight:

📅 Recap of Antonis & Meg’s Journey (and Constance!), We’ll take a stroll down memory lane, revisiting their incredible time here and discussing their future plans. 🗺️

🦴 Primal Games with Ken & Meg: Immerse in our playful Primal Games featuring Ken and Meg, showcasing the instinctive joy of canine play. 🐶

🐾 Other Dogs, Other Tricks: Expect to see some of our other talented pups in action, with Constance stealing the spotlight for a bit. 🌟

🤔 Play+ Discussion: Dive deep into our Play+ philosophy, exploring its nuances and impacts. 🎭

💬 Q&A Session: As always, we’re ready to answer your most intriguing dog training questions. 🎙️

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Pawsitive Vybe Dog and Disc Training

Let’s give Antonis & Meg a memorable farewell full of laughs, learning, and lots of love. See you at the Dojo! 🌟🛫🐶
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