Rec’d on YT | DiscDog.Live #24 | Mechanics Monday – Throwing Cookies & Puppy Hoops

Enter the DiscDog Dojo with Ron & the pups to explore the mechanics and methods of: throwing cookies, backchaining, prompt switching, biting and dropping, and the Cookie Process in general.
via PVybe on YT: YouTube

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Identifying and Dealing With an Unintentional Drop Cue With a Prompt Switch

We have covered this before on the Cued Drop topic. Sometimes your dog learns to drop on a cue that you never intended to teach. In Loot’s case, the unintentional Drop cue happens when I pass or load the disc from the stack in my off hand to my throwing hand.


  1. Another Amazing livestream, sorry I missed it live and some Great foundational Information/demo’s!!!

    Cupcake is a Sweet little Savage and Ending was Super Cool when King and Eppie opted to be up on their perches 🧁🤩🎉

    See You in Cookie class