Rec’d on YT | DiscDog.Live #24 | Mechanics Monday – Throwing Cookies & Puppy Hoops

Enter the DiscDog Dojo with Ron & the pups to explore the mechanics and methods of: throwing cookies, backchaining, prompt switching, biting and dropping, and the Cookie Process in general.
via PVybe on YT: YouTube

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Identifying and Dealing With an Unintentional Drop Cue With a Prompt Switch

We have covered this before on the Cued Drop topic. Sometimes your dog learns to drop on a cue that you never intended to teach. In Loot’s case, the unintentional Drop cue happens when I pass or load the disc from the stack in my off hand to my throwing hand.

Teaching a DiscDog Puppy to Catch | Bridging the Take

Teaching a disc dog puppy to catch is a rather simple task. All you have to do is set up a situation where a catch is likely and then allow the dog to make the catch. That said, setting up a situation where a catch is likely is not a simple, cut and dried operation. Bridging the Take relies on backchaining and shaping to solve this problem.

Patron’s Choice: Vaulting Principles | Disc Dog Vaulting Defined and Definitions

To vault in disc dog freestyle is to leap off the handler’s body to catch a disc in flight. A defining aspect of competitive disc dog freestyle, the Vault is a simple operation with a great many physical expressions and variations. This book aims to explore and uncover the principles and concepts of the vault and to deliver sound understanding of all aspects of the skill to players and judges for success, style, and safety’s sake.


  1. Another Amazing livestream, sorry I missed it live and some Great foundational Information/demo’s!!!

    Cupcake is a Sweet little Savage and Ending was Super Cool when King and Eppie opted to be up on their perches 🧁🤩🎉

    See You in Cookie class