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Rec’d on YT | 🥏🐶🥋Mechanics Monday: Mastering Cuing, Communication & Flow in Disc Dog | DiscDog Dojo#90 🔧🔥

🐾🎥 Welcome back to DiscDog Dojo! In tonight’s special Mechanics Monday livestream, join world-renowned disc dog trainer Ron Watson, along with his trusty co-host Epic, and their furry friends CupCake and the King as they explore the art of cuing, communication, and Flow in disc dog training. 🥏🐶

DiscDogger Weekly #28 | The Sound of DiscDog

Episode #28 takes a bit of a detour… We’ve fallen into the Clubhouse rabbit hole. If you’re not on Clubhouse or are not aware of it, just sit tight, you’ll be familiar in no time. Clubhouse is an audio only social network – no text, no images – just voices. I started a series called “the Sound of DiscDog” and it’s only audio. This week’s episode features some video from those audio sessions. Hope you dig it… Check out this piece for the full story…