Rec’d on YT | 🥏🐶🥋DiscDog Dojo Epic ThrowDown Thursday #100: Brushes, Fidgets & Body Rolls Mastery 🐶🥏🎩

Welcome to the centennial Epic ThrowDown Thursday at DiscDog Dojo! Join your favorite disc dog trainers, Ron Watson and Epic, along with the delightful 🧁CupCake🧁 and da 👑King👑, as we delve into the art of Brushes, Fidgets, and Body Rolls.

In this fun-filled and informative session, we’ll be showcasing the technique and finesse required to master these tricks, and how they can be used to add flair to your disc dog routines. Whether you’re just starting out with these maneuvers or are looking to fine-tune your skills, we’ve got you covered!

As always, our session won’t be complete without your input and questions. Stay till the end for our live Q&A segment where Ron will provide personalized advice to improve your performance.

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Get ready to spin, roll, and toss your way to disc dog stardom! See you in the dojo! 🐶🥏🎩
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