Rec’d on YT | 🎬🐕‍🦺Mechanics Monday Ep.116 – Primal Games, Initiative Transfers, Expectant Markers & More!🚀🎉

Welcome to another episode of Mechanics Monday at the DiscDog Dojo, where we delve into the core mechanics of Disc Dogging! 🏋️‍♂️🎯

Tonight’s agenda is loaded with exhilarating insights and practical demonstrations on:

1️⃣ Primal Games – Enjoy some playful time with Epic, King, and CupCake as we harness the power of our most primal instincts. 🦴🐕
2️⃣ Mechanics of Initiative Transfers – Observe the intricate dance of initiative between handler and dog, and learn the mechanics that govern this intriguing game of give-and-take. 💫⚖️
3️⃣ Expectant Markers – We’ll explore the concept of Expectant Markers and how to effectively apply them in your training. 🎯🔔
4️⃣ Triggers – Understanding triggers can dramatically improve your communication and performance on the field. We’ll dive deep into this topic tonight. 🕹️🚦
5️⃣ Jam in a Flash – Wrap up the session with some lightning-fast sequence creation in our Jam in a Flash segment.⚡💥

Got a question? We’re here to answer! Drop them in the live chat and let’s make this a collective learning experience! 💡🗨️

00:00 – 🌀 Hadouken! Big Chi Power Move!
2:45 – 🐕 CupCake Primal Elements Jam
6:38 – 👀 Memeroll Eye Candy
8:28 – 🔧 Boom! Mechanics Monday!
9:18 – 📋 Overview of Mechanics Monday Agenda
11:08 – 🤔 Deep Dive: Setup Moves and Initiative in Dog Training
14:02 – 🐾 Exploring the Importance of Triggers in Dog Training
16:59 – 🃏 Jam in a Flash: Interactive Card-Based Training Exercise
22:04 – 🚀 Too Many Set Up Moves… Just Take a Picture…
23:45 – 🚦 Jam in a Flash – Hopping from Trigger to Trigger
27:50 – 🏋️‍♂️ Live Sequence Training: Jam in a Flash with CupCake
29:35 – ⚡️ Rep # 2 with some intelligence…
32:21 – 🧐 Understanding and Utilizing Expectant Markers in Training
34:04 – 🧁 FullMetal CupCake – Live on the 5th rep with CupCake
36:07 – 🗨️ Viewer Q&A: It happens between the tricks…
37:55 – ⁉️ Leveraging Expectant Markers
39:52 – 🎲 Playing “Where’s the Trigger?” – A Primal Game
43:34 – 🔄 Revisiting the Concept of Triggers and Their Impact on Training
51:40 – 😎 Epic Trigger Demonstration
52:10 – 🤝 Engaging with Viewers: Training Tips and Insights
54:36 – 🔥 Another Epic Trigger Demonstration – A Tier Challene
57:09 – 🎭 Exploring the Now-Next Cycle in Dog Training
1:02:53 – 🎓 Training Philosophy: Understanding the Power of the Trigger
1:06:00 – 🍬 Expectancy: the Cookie and the Expectant Marker
1:07:38 – 🎨 Creative Dog Training: Expectant Markers and Initiative Transfer
1:12:20 – Expectant Markers maintain handler Initiative
1:13:40 – 🌍 Epic Live Demo: Expectancy as Cookie
1:15:10 – 🕹️ Epic Initiative Demonstration
1:17:55 – 🎯 Chat Discussion: Ball Work for Verbal Discrimination
1:22:22 – 🥏 Types of Vaults: Top, Stall, Rebound
1:24:22 – 🧠 Deep Dive into the Concept of “Expectancy” in Training
1:25:45 – 💍 One Cue to Rule them All
1:28:24 – 🚀 Live Ball Work Session: Teaching “Top, Stall, Rebound”
1:30:15 – 🧠 BallWork Recap
1:32:50 – 👑 Where is the Trigger with KingAir!
1:33:17 – 🤝 Final Thoughts and Takeaways from Mechanics Monday
1:35:46 – 🎵 Signing Off: Thank You and Buh-Bye!

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Remember, the magic is in the movement, the art is in the action, and the science is in the setup. Join Epic, King, and CupCake as they guide us through another exciting Mechanics Monday! 🌟🎈
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