PVybe HQ Studio Check #3 – Throwing Thursday

Studio Check #3 is in the can. It went quite well.

Throwing Thursday is going to be a regular feature here at Pawsitive Vybe, DiscDog.Live, and The Natural Philosophy of Dog.

Behind the Scenes – Lots of Stuff Going On

So we’ve moved into a new place. It’s awesome, the dogs are happy. The training studio is coming together. Here’s a look behind the scenes:

Phone capture during Studio Check #3. This is what I see. Almost got all my wires sorted. The new monitor up top is pretty sweet – was under the bus since 2019. The GoPro is an add on, it’s under the large monitor. Super excited.

Yay Internet! Clean Footage

GoPro capture from the stream. This will get to be better quality, I think. I had to go 720p for some reason… Just need to do more testing.
Here is the main camera angle. I dig it. Performs at a distance and up close

… and We’re Off!

So here we go. The livestream is on. Be sure to support the show and help spread the Pawsitive Vybe by joining our Patreon: https://patreon.com/pvybe .

See you soon.

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