Power Puff Spooky Jam

Ron Watson, Si, Leilani, Juicy, and Hops do a multi-dog spooky jam for the 2010 Pawsitive Vybe Spooky Jam contest.

Professor Utonium jams with the Power Puff Girls – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup who do battle against the evil Mojojojo!
Si – Bubbles
Leilani – Buttercup
Juicy Juice – Blossom
Hops – Mojojojo
Ron Watson – Professor Utonium

Check it out on YT

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  1. Ron – Catherine Colignon and I were playing frisbee today together.

    She is stoked to
    a) come to the US for your summer camp — but when is it????
    b) plan a seminar here in France – one in Toulouse, one in Paris, others where you want them?

    We need to plan!

    I’ll be in GR the week after Christmas. Will you guys be around? We’ll come out to see you!!!

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