Foundational Positioning With Apryl & Ska

Apryl & Ska working some dog training foundational position with cookies that can be applied to dog frisbee.

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Pawsitive Vybe S2E5 – Rate of Reinforcement

Rate of Reinforcement is well understood in dog training. We consider it one of the Four Principles of Positive Dog Training. Below we focus on Rate of Reinforcement as Cookies Per Minute (CPM) via some training and disc dog jam sessions and relate Rate of Reinforcement to the teaching, handling, and performance of dogs.

Interior Flatwork | Flanking Set Up Moves | Part 1

Unique Set Up Moves can be created by working off the Flank and using the variety of angles of entry afforded by the Working Flank.

Wait vs Stay Using a Back Stall with An Over-Aroused Dog | Pt 3

Session 3 with Motown shows a significant reduction of arousal and a marked increase in Drive. Drive is energy and action applied towards work. Building off of Session 1 and Session 2, we’re moving forward with an increased level of criteria for the target behaviors and are adding Attention, or unsolicited eye contact to the mix to add some additional structure for further reduction of arousal and increased Drive.