DiscDog.Live#17 | Slacker Training Sunday – Late Night at the DiscDog Dojo

Hang out with Ron & the pups in the DiscDog Dojo for a little bit of Slacker Training.
June 12, 2022 at 09:54PM

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Shaping the Around for Lateral and UpField Movement

Go Around is a standard Set Up Move in disc dog freestyle. It creates timing and position with movement and is the standard set up for toss and fetch. It is this standard set up for toss and fetch that dominates the movement and as a result, most Arounds resolve or release to the front of the handler at 12 o clock in clockwise fashion.


  1. Great live! I am going to try the dismissal with Odie when he won’t do the dog catch or stall when I have the discs, or when I am outside on the field. with discs. He does a great dog catch and stall for cookies, but not so much when I have discs out or when we are outside on the field.. Maybe this will help his understanding that to keep the game going, he needs to Do It! King is really getting better, and of course CupCake is just fabulous!

    1. Thanks Elysia! CupCake IS fabulous.
      I think this was a nice session. Great work for King, for sure. Kind of excited to get some solid work out of the fellas in the future. On trajectory, right?

      Be sure to get Odie HIGH and get him set up with some success. Leverage that success towards making the leap to the behavior and to serve as contrast if you wind up dismissing him. Getting some Boom-Pow Success (BPS) with bonafide behaviors and earned bites, rollers, and throws is key.