Bus Again, Bus Again, Jiggity Jig… Back to St Louis

Alright, welcome to the next chapter of Pawsitive Vybe… Apryl has taken a new job and will be working at Purina Farms. As a result, we have returned from our lavish getaway at Camp Covid in FL, bouncing back to St Louis where we will be staying at my brother’s place for a bit as we get our feet under us here.

I shot this image from our front yard and performance field the morning after we rolled into town. It should become a familiar place in the near future. Stay tuned while I try to figure out how to compose and frame the area for video production.

We’ll park Janeway (new RV) over to the right after the rain in an L-shape. This will be our space and the set of future Pawsitive Vybe content.

On the Road Again!

It was kind of crazy to be back on the road. All went pretty smoove, though. Just some low transmission fluid in Janeway, but other than that no problems.

… Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway…
… riding off into the sunset…
but your thoughts will soon be wandering the way they always do…

Missing Friends and Pack Members Already

I can’t speak for Apryl here, although I’m sure she feels the same, but not being around these two amazing people is a bit of a bummer. While getting stuck anywhere during a global pandemic is not a great thing, being stuck with Jack and Kat sure was a great thing.

Jack, Kat… Thank you so much for hosting us as well as for your friendship. I’m glad we didn’t see da end of da world down there with you. Stay safe and sane and make sure Spice stays out of da lava. Love you two!

Up Next – Bite Club, St Louis…

Stay tuned…

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  1. Love your new Rv’s name, make lemonade outta lemons you brought from Florida in Saint Louis, cause a Pawsitive Attitude makes all the difference and home is what you make it 🤩

    A Huge Congratulations to Apryl and looking forward to seeing all your new song selections in Saint Louis 🎉🎶🐾🐾
    Welcome home 🥰