Apryl Lea Gets ADI Cerified!


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On June 29th of 2010 Apryl Lea earned the title of Assistance Dogs International North American Accredited Service and Hearing Dog Instructor. She has been working towards this moment since becoming a Staff Trainer at Paws With A Cause in 2007.

With this awesome news, Apryl Lea will be taking a leave of absence from Paws to focus on Pawsitive Vybe.

This week Apryl will be firing up her Torch and doing some metalwork in preparation for BlissFest, a music festival that Apryl has attended for 18 of the last 19 years. After that it will be on to whipping the pack into shape and planning some large projects for the remainder of 2010 and 2011. We’ll be putting out a ton of online content over the next few months and are in the process of developing an online distance learning program with the help of WebManna Marketing and Design.

We are extremely excited for this next chapter for Pawsitive Vybe and hope that you will share these next steps with us.

Ron & Apryl
Pawsitive Vybe

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  1. Hey Apryl,
    3 years, eh! It’s Alex- we worked at Paws together for a year. How are things going with you? I check the Paws website once in awhile and I saw you were gone. I have been searching for you (and found your card in my Paws stuff) to see what happened and saw a blog that you had got ADI accredited instructor (how did you get certified?) and are on a leave of abscence from Paws. What are you up to? Are you really going to New York? Are you going to go back to Paws? I am trying desperately to get back into training, but it’s been slow. I’ll keep this short, but I just wanted to say hi. Write back if you want and fill me in.

    Later, Alex

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