“Next” encapsulates the dog’s anticipation of a forthcoming reward, sparking motivation and excitement. This expectancy creates a driving force that propels the dog through training, forming a continuous loop of engagement. When “Next” is realized, the expectancy is resolved, reinforcing desired behaviors and fostering a positive, effective training environment.

  1. Next (process within the Cycle): In the context of the Play+ training cycle, “Next” refers to the ongoing process of transitioning from one training phase to another, creating a seamless flow of interaction between the handler and the dog. It emphasizes the importance of responsiveness, adaptation, and anticipation, as the handler reads and interprets the dog’s behavior, preparing for the subsequent step in the training sequence. By focusing on the “Next” aspect within the cycle, handlers can maintain a high level of engagement and efficacy in the training process.
  2. Next (as THE cookie): In Play+ philosophy, “Next” as THE cookie refers to the anticipation of the upcoming reward or positive reinforcement for the dog. This concept highlights the crucial role of motivation and expectancy in the training process. The anticipation of the “Next” cookie, whether it be a treat, a toy, or another form of positive reinforcement, drives the dog’s engagement and eagerness to perform the desired behavior. By keeping the dog’s focus on the “Next” cookie, the handler can effectively leverage the dog’s natural drive and desire for rewards, leading to more successful and enjoyable training sessions.