CPM means cookies per minute. It is a fun expression for rate of reinforcement, a very important dog training concept.

CPM should be between 15 to 30 CPM when learning or adding value to a behavior or a situation.

A focus on reducing CPM should only happen after the dog perceives great value in doing the behavior the handler is looking for.

A common training problem is to reduce CPM before the dog wants to do the behavior. A high rate of reinforcement creates a desire to do the behavior. Once a dog desires the behavior it’s going to happen.

A high CPM can be purposefully leveraged against a low CPM to create unmistakeable communication. When the dog is doing what you want CPM bumps up. If he’s not doing what we want, het gets bupkis. This takes the pressure off of training. If the dog doesn’t do it for a few moments, the CPM drops to zero. That contrast in CPM is the lesson. It’s powerful.