Art of Linking Tricks

The Art of Linking Tricks is a sequence building methodology developed at Pawsitive Vybe leading to rapid development and deployment of disc dog freestyle sequences.

Freestyle sequences are long behavior chains. A cued Wait inserted between tricks creates discrete conceptual understanding of each link in the chain while avoiding pattern training and lumping of the discrete tricks into a single chain.

Creating sequences while maintaining the discrete nature of the tricks allows the handler to quickly and efficiently create and alter sequences successfully.

The Art of Linking Tricks becomes a fun game for the dog. The Wait cue becomes a secondary reinforcer because it always leads to the next trick or the opportunity to get a disc. Sequence building becomes an interesting puzzle that the dog learns how to solve.

After five reps of perfect performance of a sequence using the Wait cue the handler can take the sequence to live speed. Sequences can be built and put on the competition field in minutes not months.

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