Affective Attunement

Affective Attunement in the context of Play+ refers to the handler’s capacity to resonate with, mirror, and respond appropriately to the emotional states and needs of their dog during play. It’s an empathetic connection that allows the handler to intuitively understand the dog’s emotions and intentions, fostering a cooperative and mutually enjoyable interaction.

In Play+, this connection is not one-sided; it’s a dynamic interplay where the dog also becomes attuned to the handler’s emotions and cues. It’s about matching energy levels, responding to shifts in mood and focus, and ensuring that the play session is enjoyable and fulfilling for both parties.

Affective Attunement also involves the handler’s ability to create an atmosphere of security and positivity, promoting the dog’s willingness to engage in play and learn from the interaction. It’s a cornerstone of the Play+ approach, underpinning the mutual understanding that makes effective and enjoyable play possible.