Multiple Dog Class Is Shaping Up

We are about 2 weeks away from starting the Pawsitive Vybe Distance Learning Classes and I’m working on the Working Multiple Dogs online distance learning class this morning.

The outline for this class has been done for months, but now that I have to get specific, I’m starting to realize just how big a job it is. There’s a ton of stuff that we need to get together: video, blog entries, pics and such, but it’s pretty much ready to go.

Here’s a quick breakdown of this 6 week class:

Week 1:

Shaping the Spot

Week 1 - Spot-Pedastal

We are going to stabilize one dog using go to Spot – Pedastal behavior. This behavior will be shaped with all of the handler’s dogs separately and then used to keep the non-working dog(s) out of our business as we work with another dog. There are about 40 sub-categories in this week’s lesson, which is essentially everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Go to Spot behavior.


Add A Dog

Week 2 - Add a Dog

Once we have all the dogs conditioned to hold a spot, we’ll add another dog. There are 12 sub-categories in this week’s lesson.

Week 3:

Free Shaping Multiple Dogs

Week 3 Freeshaping Multiple Dogs

Week three is about getting our dogs working at the same time. We’ll work on freeshaping skills and juggling reinforcement for multiple dogs. There are 18 sub-categories to this week’s lesson featuring some informative free-shaping and positive training information specifically geared towards multiple dogs.

Week 4:

Adding Distractions

Week 4 Adding Distractions

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