Canine Freestyle Winter 09 – Class 4

Trainer’s Notes

What a class!

We missed Team Kaia, for sure, but the other teams sure did step up and fill the void.

The dogs are settling in on the table on the entry into the studio, expecting to sit tight and get some easy cookies as they enter the room. Getting started with class is getting much easier.

The handlers are starting to really move the dogs around the studio and are having much more success at leading and expecting the dogs to follow. Luring and targeting are cleaning up well and are being performed with much more purpose. The dogs are responding to this as well.

We added a twist to our backing up foundation, using the wall to aid us with backing up in Heel position.

Team Onyx really stepped it up here and have the foundation for a backwards back weave if they are patient and purposeful in their training. It was pretty evident that Team Onyx did a great job with their homework, which was “No Calling Onyx!” Onyx was engaged and working hard all class, not much interest in anything but his handler. So cool!!! Keep up the good work.

Team Ransom freeshaped the backing up in Heel position in a channel.

Team Irie rocked out again even though Irie worked himself silly before half the class was done. His handler made a nice move of crating him until it was floor time.

Team Emma really stepped it up in terms of excitability upon entry into the studio and focus during class.

Floortime went very well with all the handlers showing great skill at moving with their dog and in setting their tricks. All the handlers are starting to really handle their dogs and the dogs are responding!

Team Onyx rocked out as the homework of dismissal and not calling “Onyx” panned out and proved that capturing attention all the time works better than asking for it all the time.

Team Emma participated in floortime and was cut short a bit by Apryl and I so they got off the floor with Emma’s focus intact and a successful performance in the presence of several really cool doggy playmates.

Team Ransom and Team Irie performed well during floortime as well.

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