The Sound of DiscDog | An Epic Warmup

Welcome to the Sound of DiscDog… The Sound of DiscDog is an audio only live Jam & QnA session on Clubhouse. Clubhouse is audio only, so the jam session and QnA has no video, no images, and no text. This is an exercise in imagination and in experiencing training sessions with only auditory inputs. It’s quite interesting and illuminating. This is our 3rd session, and this video is a Warmup with Eppie and is a featured segment in DiscDoggerWeekly #28

This is the original audio version from the handler’s perspective. The rest of the room that participated in this session were not recorded but are listening in and asking questions. If you want the full effect, just listen to the audio before watching the video. Again the idea is to listen to get your bearings and exercise your imagination and then put that imagination to the test on the visual end with the video. Hope you dig it…

How Does This Work?

Clubhouse is a new, invite only social network ( I have some invites, give me a shout if you have an iPhone and want in…) that is audio only. There is no text, no images, and no video on the platform. It consists of “rooms” of people having organized and disorganized discussions. The general vibe over there is really positive and authentic, it’s a neat space.

The Sound of DiscDog is about imagination, understanding, and reality. The idea is to listen and imagine what is happening and then attempting to put that imagination into understanding. In many cases I will be filming my end of the “conversation” so you actually can put your imagination into reality, but it isn’t always that way.

It really is an interesting experience that helps you to notice and realize things that we take for granted while viewing training. It really is a different experience with different key points and interest areas when listening rather than viewing. The more you know about training – the method being employed, the standard troubles, trials, and tribulations, and how things work, and the more you know about the trainer or their style, the more you can understand what is happening and read into the situation.

Many trainers will turn off the audio when watching a video, but nobody I know has ever turned off the video to listen to the audio… until now.

This is a simple warmup with Eppie. Using a Pendulum pattern.

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