Grasshopper Puppy SetUp & Position

Grasshopper is an interesting puppy situation. He’s just HUGE and FAST! And he’s a real goer. This makes for an interesting situation, developmentally, and I think it’s kind of relevant to puppy training. The problem is that it’s tough to talk about.

Featured in DiscDogger Weekly #22 – Puppy Power on YT, Vimeo, and Roku

Too Big, Too Fast, Too Aggressive, Too Fragile

This guy has all the skills and desire to do it, like for real, right now. The problem is that he’s not equipped to do it sensibly or safely.

Apryl and I are not ones to bubble wrap a dog or to put a helmet on them for training purposes, and we have lots of things to work on outside of disc, but this guy is a real anomaly. We’re really just kind of in a holding pattern with him.

I feel like whatever we do with him at this time could come back and bite us. I’m afraid to give him skills lest he use them.

He Does Lots of Dog Stuff

He’s a sweet guy and a real goer, but he’s pretty much just doing dog stuff.

I’m looking forward to getting a bit more serious in his training and am hopeful that we’ll feel comfy getting him started a bit more seriously and sincerely over the next few weeks and months.

He’s a real talent and a real nice dog. Hope we get to show you some neat stuff with him in the near future.

Like I said, it’s hard to explain and hard to talk about. But he’s pretty friggin’ AWESOME!

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