Beto Drill and Throwing Discs for Distance Class

One of the greatest problems I see in dog frisbee and dog training is that handlers don’t apply the tools and methods of positive training on themselves or to the team. Using the tools and methods of positive training on ourselves is a key element to successful dog training and disc dog training especially on the disc throwing front. The Beto Drill is a prime example.

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Backchaining the Hit

Backchaining is a powerful training tool.

The Beto Drill is an elegant backchain of distance throwing. Starting at the finish of the kinetic chain of a distance throw and working back, in simplified fashion, to the beginning of the throw is an extremely effective method that should sound familiar to dog trainers.

A Cornerstone of Throwing Discs for Distance Class

This piece is a cornerstone of our Throwing Discs for Distance class. It’s a tremendous freebie. This, alone should add 5-10 yards to your distance toss. You should check out the rest of class if you want to extend the range of your distance throwing.

Classes are complimentary for Patrons at the Vice Director tier and above (for a limited time only – Vice Directors will be grandfathered in – only a couple weeks to gain access remain…)

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Reading the disc is a skill that astute dogs and humans pick up rather quickly. The float, the spin, and the speed can reliably be gauged and predicted after several reps. Of course this changes with wind, disc choice, and throwing ability but, generally speaking, the flight path of a disc is easily predicted.

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Shaping a Leaping Catch can, and should be a full time job. Always throw with the intent to deliver the leaping catch unless working something specific that requires a specific approach, speed or distance that is incompatible with a leaping catch. Out throws are glory, not afterthoughts.

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