April 2021 UpDate – No Foolin’…

A sincere April update for our Patrons over on Patreon. Become a patron to support the Pawsitive Vybe and get access to privileged content and other goodies. Just choose a tier level that is comfortable for you…

Hey everybody, 

Just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s going on with PVybe here come April. 

There is just a TON of stuff going on.

  • App
  • Clubhouse
  • Disc Dog Radio Podcast
  • DiscDogger Weekly

PVybe App

The PVybe App is really coming along. There are a few bugs left to squash and the developer is aware and working on them. We are looking at a mid-April public release and still have TestApp space available to any of our Patrons. If you want in on the TestApp, just contact me and we will get you set up. 

The app will have inapp purchases for classes and eBooks, which many of you already have access to as Patrons, but it is still really cool. And the class experience is quite nice in the app. Super fast, pretty and efficient. 

On mobile, the website will also have one of those cool “smart banners” at the top that suggest that an app is available. 

The app is super fast and a very nice way to be on the site for mobile users. 

Known Bugs for TestApp users:


They work, but have wonky links. The links go to non-native pages in the app, so when you get a notification, note the type of notification and navigate to that part of the app via the app menu items and everything will stay native and look/work properly. This is quite apparent in Messages. If you get a message, just navigate to the message via app links rather than taking the link from the notification. 

News Feed Links

Links from the news feed have a similar issue. They go to non-native pages that do work, but are not super smooth and pretty. 


We have some invites available if you want in to the Clubhouse App. Contact us privately and we’ll get you hooked up.

I am fully in on Clubhouse. I think it’s a really nice social media tool. I have invites available (iPhone only at this time). We have a public Pawsitive Vybe club and a private PVybe Patrons club that are both up and running. 

The PVybe Patrons club is a place where any one of us who is a PVybe Patron can start a room and talk with other patrons. Elysia, Oleg, and I were just on in a room that Elysia created. It’s real nice to connect and chat about training, PVybe stuff, or whatever. 

I am running a few projects on Clubhouse that I think are quite nice. You can check out the Clubhouse landing page here: https://pvybe.com/clubhouse for some basic info. 

Disc Dog Radio Podcast

The stuff from Clubhouse will be posted both in the Disc Dog Radio podcast and, if I get video, will be posted in DiscDogger Weekly as well. 

Clubhouse really has me interested in audio and I’m looking to move forward on this in the next weeks and months. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but that’s what life is about. 

Stay tuned for the release of the Sound of DiscDog stuff this week. 

DiscDogger Weekly

I’m putting the finishing touches on DDW#28 and will be posting it tonight/tomorrow. It’s an interesting show. It’s got the video version of our clubhouse sessions and a sweet FootStall session with Eppie. 

Looking forward to keeping it rolling and wrapping up Season 3 of the show. 

MIA on FaceBook 

If it looks to you like I’m MIA on Facebook, you’re not wrong. I just can’t do it anymore. That place is NOT for me. I’m digging clubhouse and putting my efforts into our Patreon community and our website. I am similarly disenchanted with YouTube.

I am only auto-crossposting to FB and YT at this time and am not easy to reach over there. Messenger still works, although I’m transitioning to text and PVybe.com direct messaging (not quite ready yet for instant messaging, but it’s coming)…

That’s about it. 

Thanks a bunch for your support and belief in the PVybe thing. We couldn’t be doing this stuff without it. 

Hope to see and hear you soon. 



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