discdogger weekly #10

DiscDogger Weekly #10

Got your weekly disc dog fix here… Episode 10 of DiscDogger Weekly. We’ve got some UpDog Crossover Crown games and some FunKey strategy training, a

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alternating squeaky wheel form

Alternating Squeaky Wheel Flowing Flatwork and Leaping Form

We have already covered the Squeaky Wheel Form in the show. That version was a single direction – 4-6 throws in one direction as a session, and then, perhaps 4-6 throws in the other direction – which can be considered the “standard” version of the form at the Green Belt level. This week’s version is the alternating expression of the form which is 1 jump and catch in the clock direction followed by 1 jump and catch in the counter clock direction. This makes the form much more fluid and flowing and puts the focus on flatwork.

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FunKey Strategy & Training in a Hashtag SweetSpot

FunKey is a terrific crossover game. The biggest problem training it is the scale of the field and the organization required to paint it up. For a few years now we have been using a Hashtag SweetSpot, and this simple field set up can be used with most of the games including FunKey.

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4 Way Flank for Purposeful & Flowing Team Movement

A flatwork green belt Disc Quan Do form, the 4 Way Flank is a form that explores purposeful Team Movement and covers the entire field. 3 Working Flanks and a Front Cross, the 4 Way Flank is a key form for flowing flatwork and controlled purposeful Team Movement.

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DiscDogger Weekly #9 | The Art of Disc Quan do

Episode 9 of DiscDogger Weekly is jam packed. This week we’ve got a couple of rounds of Throw N Go, an unboxing, an advanced vaulting lesson and some Team Movement Disc Quan Do stuff with Obi (Not a Border Collie) & Loot.

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disc quan do belt test

Disc Quan Do White Belt Test with Obi

Disc Quan Do is a disc dog martial art. It means “Way of the Disc Dog”. In a pop culture sort of way, it is a silly thing, I mean, “Disc Quan Do”… While it is a bit silly in a pop culture sort of way, it is quite sincere in reality. Martial arts are more than fighting and more than sport. It is the study of fighting as well as the study of the self and is not of “sport”, it is art.

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disc dog vault trigger

Disc Dog Vaulting Principles | Cross as Trigger

Vaulting a Disc Dog is a complicated process. We break this complex process down into 3 basic functions – Tell | Trigger | Target. We have already covered the Tell function in an earlier DiscDogger Weekly. After you Tell the dog what we are going to do and where we are going to do it, then we Trigger the skill. We have covered the Trigger skill here on the blog in various places.

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disc dog team movement

Disc Dog Team Movement with Leaping Catches

Creating arcing, round lines in disc dog team movement is no easy task. It is rather simple, but it ain’t easy. The Squeaky Wheel Form is a terrific tool for creating shapes in your game and working on the component Functions of the Leaping Catch while improving your throwing skills.

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Disc Dog Team Movement | Figure 8 Cross Form

Team Movement is hard for many people because it is more than tricks. Team Movement is moving together. This is often easier said than done with a ballistic collie or a disc seeking missile, but it is an important concept to keep in mind while training your disc dog.

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disc dog training distractions

DiscDog Training + Distractions in Team Movement Forms

Distractions play a big role in dog training. Identifying and dealing with them is the epic quest of the dog and dog sport trainer. In the case of these videos, the distraction is an agility jump that is placed in play and promises to feature prominently in the game (why else would it be there, right?). This distraction impacts Epic in one way and Loot in another.

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disc dog vault principles cuing direction

Disc Dog Vault Principles | Cuing Direction aka: Tell

What vault are we doing and where are we doing it? That is the very first thing a disc dog team needs to know. We call this Telling and we do it by cuing direction. We tell the dog which vault we are doing and where it will be done. Everybody knows what’s happening before anything actually happens.

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throwing a funky airbounce

Advanced Throwing | How to Throw A Funky AirBounce

Funky throws are the lifeblood of the disc dog freestyler. Delivering discs with various releases are a scoring metric in all disc dog freestyle contests. Continuing development of your quiver of creative releases is a key to growing as a player. I am rather well known for creative throwing and the teaching of creative throwing. Here is a quick lesson on how to throw a funky over the shoulder airbounce, one of my more flashy throws

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discdogger weekly #6

DiscDogger Weekly #6

Get your weekly fix of disc dog! DiscDogger Weekly #6 features some UpDog games from the Endless Summer Series in Pasco, FL, as well as some Disc Quan Do forms for Team Movement and Interior sequencing, a bit of dog training and a Jack & Ferris Fahle jam.

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